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March 15, 2016

Learn about a new approach where Veterans serve as online peers and help other Vets overcome their challenges, all anonymously.   To be eligible, candidates simply have to be a US Veteran with a desire to help their fellow Vets.  After completing a simple online training course, they can start chatting with other Veterans and helping them overcome their unique challenges.  Best of all, they earn gift cards to places like for both the training and for helping other Veterans at the same time! 

Vets get started immediately, Click Here.

Vets Pravai_full_color

With all of the struggles the VA has had dealing with the massive influx of Veterans into their system since 9/11, they have decided to try something new, Vets Prevail.  Under Vets Prevail’s proven model, Veterans earn rewards for helping other Veterans overcome their challenges by serving as online Peers.  In addition, there is a novel treatment program that Vets can avail themselves of as well, all done online and completely free.  In fact, Vets earn rewards for all their hard work of going through the program!  Based on technology that was built with a grant from the National Science Foundation, the program has been proven effective in multiple clinical trials and has helped over 40,000 Veterans since it’s national launch.

The peer training program is free and anonymous, and any Veteran regardless of when they served, can get started in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Complete the basic peer training program
  2. Complete a peer profile
  3. Engage with other Vets in the program and help each other along


Even if you’re not ready to start helping other Vets quite yet, we can always use feedback on the programs and how we are doing.  So if you have any questions or any suggestions, don’t hesitate to let us know

Together we can make sure that our fellow Veterans stop falling through the cracks and get the help they need.

Click here to get started helping other Veterans today.

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