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Trump Supports Mental Health

March 17, 2017

Look to the person to the left of you, and now look to the person to the right of you. Based on a recent report by The Hill, one of you will be impacted by mental health condition or addiction.

It is estimated that one in three Americans are impacted by addiction or mental illness, according to a story recently released by The Hill. It is a pervasive issue that can be seen or felt by nearly every corner of society.

Currently there is a lot of legislation taking place to try and help drive down healthcare costs with the replacement to the Affordable Care Act. Unlike many other issues related to health, mental health is a relatively bipartisan issue that can gather the support from both sides of the isle.

Even many people with insurance coverage can receive the care that they need due to stigma, cost, and many other reasons. The current system of care is broken, with more than half of people battling a mental health condition not receiving any form of care, according to SAMHSA. There is a dire need to use a different solution to cure the ailment.

The opioid epidemic is reaching whole new impact that is directly tied to the behaviors of people. Many people are battling underlying mental health conditions, and choosing to self-medicate through drug use.

There are over 266 Americans dying from drug overdose or suicide every day. This causes a tremendous amount of strain on families, communities, and society.

A salient solution exists through an ideal government story known as Prevail Health founded by a former Navy F-18 pilot, Richard Gengler, that was initially created to solve an intractable problem facing Veterans.

Now there is an opportunity to harness a proven technology that can engage many people helping them to feel better, and have profound positive impact on America. Health Affairs has listed mental health as the costliest medical condition in America this last year. Prevail’s solution is 99% less cost than traditional methods.

President Trump has even championed the need for change with mental health and addiction while he was on the campaign trail saying, “it is tragedy enough that so many Americans are struggling with life-threatening addiction. We should not compound that tragedy with government policies and bureaucratic rules that make it even harder for them to get help.”

Today is the day to make a proven solution available and improve the health of our nation! If you are interested to find out more on Prevail, please visit here, or email here. Or if you want to see the readily available program check it out here and start chatting with a peer anytime.

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