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The More You Give The More You Get

January 28, 2016

The saying is true: the more you give the more you get. Where could this be more evident than with our own health?

At Prevail we are thrilled to announce a partnership with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Students that are striving to become innovative leaders in their field will now have the opportunity to go through iPrevail’s proprietary interactive programs and then graduate to become Trained Peer Specialists.

Why is there an increasing need for Trained Peer Specialists? There is an extreme shortage of licensed behavioral health clinicians: roughly 55% of American counties do not have one. In addition, changes in healthcare from the Affordable Care Act require mental health to be covered equal to physical health. Many instances of the shortage are felt in rural areas that would benefit from services accessible by phone, tablet, or computer. This causes an urgent need for a new model to ensure people receive access to the care they desperately need while at the same time containing costs through reductions in hospitalizations or other emergencies.

What is the solution? Going in line with research by Kaiser indicating that peers in mental health provide significant support for both parties involved, Prevail has developed an ecosystem of supportive peers helping peers in the form of on-demand chat. The Trained Peer Specialists have been through our proven treatment and peer training, offering members a unique and helpful perspective.

“Peer support is absolutely part of a national strategy to get more boots on the ground quickly,” said Sita Diehl, who heads state policy for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

How much does a peer help? According to Mental Health America, those experiencing mental health challenges who receive support from peers tend to experience more thorough and longer lasting recovery.

There is no health without mental health. When works for you to start helping others while improving yourself?

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