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Technology Overcomes Access Issues to Care

November 2, 2016

Even with the expansion of the Affordable Care Act to include mental health and related conditions through the Essential Health Benefits, there are still many people who are unable to receive treatment for their conditions.

A recent report from PBS highlighted this issue telling the story of a mom and her son who are both battling mental health conditions. The thinking that open enrollment is allowing many to receive access to health insurance for the first time also provides the glimmer of hope that people will also be able to receive care for any conditions that they are battling.

The report estimates that over 43 million Americans are battling depression alone, creating enormous strains to the healthcare system from driving up costs due to comorbid conditions. Of this group of people, less than half receive some form of treatment.

When people are battling these conditions even some of the simplest tasks become unachievable. April’s story highlights the fact that often people must try and maneuver a complicated healthcare system. Many of the places that could provide some form of care had wait times of a couple to several months long.

Eventually over 100 psychologists were called in California, with over half of them saying that they no longer accept the form of insurance, Blue Shield.

CATHERINE HOPMAN: If you make things too difficult to access, then patients will stop trying to seek the therapy and the treatment that they need.

What ended up happening is that the person in the story, April Demosky, pays $50 an hour out of her own pocket to receive the care that her son needs. Currently she is facing the same dilemma herself.

Now there is an entirely new way to provide needed care in an affordable fashion thanks to a technology that was developed in partnership with the National Science Foundation. Chicago-based Prevail Health Solutions has created Anywhere Based Care that is available on any phone, tablet, or computer.

The program has gone through multiple published clinical trials including the latest a ‘gold standard’ randomized controlled trial that shows it is as effective as face-to-face.

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