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Strangers Are Solving The Mental Health Crisis

May 17, 2016

The Crisis

In America, 1 in 5 adults will experience mental health symptoms each year, and yet there is 1 mental health provider for every 790 Americans, according to Mental Health America. With so many people suffering in silence, many propose to equip our doctors and psychiatrists with technology like video or text messaging. This does not solve the issue.


Who feels this impact?

We are all impacted by anxiety, depression, relationship problems, career difficulties – either personally or through friends and family. With the stigma barrier receding, we all feel more open about our desire to seek help and support for the challenges we face. However, this shift has not resulted in a rapid graduation of medical students and significant drop in the cost of health care in America.

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Strangers Lining Up for The Cause

With so many affected by the global mental health crisis, there will be no shortage of people standing up to lend an ear to those looking for support. With so many people committed to helping strangers, all that is missing is a platform and training process to empower these passionate individuals.

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The Solution

Today, over 200 strangers have enrolled in Peer Specialist Training. This intensive process takes users through clinically-validated online treatment and Peer Training derived from the government’s Peer Certification program. None of our Trained Peer Specialists are clinical personnel, nor do they provide medical care or advice, rather, they are individuals who have been through challenges of their own and have been through clinical programs as well as training. iPrevail’s online mental health & wellness platform is centered around Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: the science behind our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Committed and passionate (strangers) Trained Peer Specialists are standing by right now. Connect and chat about depression, anxiety, relationships, your careers and of the challenges of daily life.

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