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State Mental Health

May 4, 2016

State by State Mental Health

With behavioral health in the news seemingly on a daily basis, it is interesting to dig deeper into the data to further analyze how each state stacks up. Of course the goal should to provide a personalized solution available across the entire country.

What is the prevalence of a mental health condition state by state?


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Positive Outcomes Key-lt blue tight

There are many factors to mental health. Looking at mental health in more of a population health, public health lens allows for better understanding what is associated with positive outcomes. Some of the factors include:

  1. Low obesity
  2. Low unemployment
  3. High graduation

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How does each state rank in terms of mental health?


The following is a superb graphic that shows where the states rank. Clearly the system is fragmented across state lines with varied levels of care depending on where an individual is. In the traditional model of care, if an individual is ours away from care due to a rural location, how likely will he or she receive the treatment that is needed?


Here is the overall ranking:

  1. Minnesota

  2. Massachusetts

  3. Connecticut

  4. Vermont

  5. South Dakota

  6. New Jersey

  7. North Dakota

  8. Iowa

  9. Alaska

  10. New York


These states have the lowest prevalence of mental health condition and highest access to care.

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