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Shocking Way to Help Others

August 11, 2016


Now there is a shocking way to help others and receive payment in many different ways. The latest, most cutting edge health technology developed by Prevail Health Solutions, a Chicago-based health technology company, is now touching thousands of people with numbers only growing.

Prevail enables a free, anonymous chat with Trained Peer Specialists 24/7 on any phone, tablet, or computer.

Users are able to go through a training program that has been developed by the Veterans Health Administration along with another leading national organization to ensure the highest level of quality in the interactions. There are many different roles as well as levels of being a peer starting with the most basic level of a User Peer, all the way to the highest level of becoming certified.

Here are three main ways that you are able to receive goodness by helping others:

  1. Go through the training program and become a Trained Peer Specialist. The mere fact of helping others is extremely gratifying and helps to allow you have a better day.
  2. As you help people in need, you are rewarded with points. The points can be redeemed for gift cards in real life. It truly pays to help!
  3. Being a part of a burgeoning community of people helping each other allows you to feel as though you are helping to create a supportive community.

Now is the time to utilize your empathetic skills to give back, and receive gratification in many different ways.  Interested to learn more about the program and start earning goodness? Check out iPrevail here.

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