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Program Attributes

April 27, 2016

Prevail works in ways that other online health programs can’t. Our unique behavioral health platform has key attributes that have proven effective for behavioral health improvement:


  • Control: Users are empowered to take control of their treatment through guided interactions, such as peer-to-peer counseling, cognitive behavioral programs, and community member boards
  • Community: Online mental health forums serve as an effective facilitator for personal discussions amongst peers while promoting community building, which is linked to positive behavioral health outcomes. They also provide a safe environment to communicate without fear of stigma or reprisal
  • Tailored: Prevail’s behavioral health treatment model is tailored directly to the unique needs of the individual. These needs are identified at multiple intervals, using assessments and screenings with reliable and valid clinical measures such as the CES-D scale for depression
  • Incentives: At each level the user is offered incentives through a unique reward program in the form of gift cards to stores like Amazon. This helps to increase engagement and significantly lower drop off rates among users seeking behavioral health care as they are directly rewarded throughout treatment


Prevail has proven its cost effectiveness. Numerous pilots and clinical trials demonstrated that Prevail is 1/30th the cost of face-to-face therapies.

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