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Privacy at Prevail

April 11, 2016

Did you read about the latest security breach? Thankfully there is positive news around health data from technology. With our story originating with the government and military, Prevail takes protecting privacy very seriously and is woven into every segment of what we do for our users as well as partners and how we operate. With thousands of users going through providing both clinical and demographic data, it starts to add up. Ultimately, this data can help us to better understand the most important part of health: our minds. Behavior is strongly connected to countless health outcomes.

One enormous challenge with any new innovation in healthcare is integration with existing EHR or EMR systems. Prevail’s system is completely versatile enabling options of standalone or Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities.

Even when the team only had about a half dozen people we already identified and created a Privacy Officer. Our Privacy Officer is our internal champion and evangelist of anything and everything privacy related. Whenever our customers have questions or want more information related to privacy we have a key contact. This not only brings peace of mind to the situation, but also shows we are thinking ahead at every opportunity.

At Prevail, protecting our users’ information is paramount. We focus our energy in each area of user experience and program delivery. Two key components include our administrative actions, guided by strict policy; and our technology, built to rigorous security standards. Each step we take has user privacy in mind.

“Our users are revealing some of their most personal information,” Founder and CEO Richard Gengler explained. “Sometimes these are things that they would not even tell to a doctor,” he summarized.

Here are 3 questions we ask constantly:

  1. Who is that?
    Whenever anybody enters the office it is imperative they sign in and we have a log of anyone coming and going. This includes everyone from the UPS delivery lady to the water man.
  2. Where is our data?
    Our data is stored in a HIPAA compliant database that is fully protected with double level verification.
  3. Are you certified?
    All employees must go through our robust HIPAA training. Some of this is the basic and logical, however it is important that everyone on the team fully understands the importance of our data.

How many intrusions have we had? Thankfully we have a clean record now and our goal is to maintain this.

Many health technologies have originated in the military out of pure necessity. Thanks to this background, we continue to protect any and all data in our system. Have questions about Prevail’s Privacy? Feel free to email

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