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Prevail Peers Surpass 500

May 11, 2017

Prevail Peers have surpassed another milestone surpassing 500 peers in the community.

prevail peers surpass 500

The model of peer to peer support is quickly growing with over 30 States in America starting to reimburse through various levels of Medicaid. Providing some of the highest levels of empathy possible, peers are overcoming their condition and can share these experiences helping others who are also battling similar conditions.

prevail peers surpass 500

Peers are especially helpful when people have had a disconnecting experience and are looking to rebuild their community. By providing a social support for recovery, peers provide needed help extending and augmenting the traditional reach of clinical settings. Social support is a vital element of recovery.

Even with no official national certification to date, peer support specialists can provide help and support to people across state lines and at a fraction of the cost of traditional licensed behavioral health workers. Perhaps even more important than the cost is the fact that there simply are not enough licensed behavioral health clinicians in America.

prevail peers surpass 500

Over half of American counties do not have a licensed behavioral health clinicians. The shortage around the country is estimated at over 20,000 clinicians needed. Technology and peer support coupled together are part of the solution.

Chicago-based Prevail Health has worked through a rigorous validation process with the Veterans Health Administration starting through a grant program with the National Science Foundation. A core part of the behavioral health technology is the peer to peer model that is interwoven throughout the program providing the important human touch element.

prevail peers surpass 500

Thanks to technology, Users can connect with one of Prevail’s peers literally 24 hours a day and seven days a week and begin through IM chat communication on any phone, tablet, or computer. The peer support model enables the first, often the hardest, step to care just a little easier connecting people who are going through what the User is coping with.

Peers on Prevail’s program predominantly begin by going through the clinically-proven cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) programs themselves to improve their own condition. A portion of those Users return to the online ecosystem to progress through a training program that was developed with the VA and a leading national organization mirroring state requirements.

Through peer support, Users can move past old views of seeing themselves.

The entire peer model on Prevail’s program can be thought of as a new way to give back to an online community of people who need help. The old saying is certainly true that the more you give the more you get.

prevail peers surpass 500

Prevail’s Peers progress through the chats, discussions, and community elements of the program where they are judged based on the quality of their help from the admins on Prevail’s system.

Depending of the quality and quantity of the interactions, Prevail’s peers are rewarded with points that can be redeemed for various things like gift cards, donations to nonprofits, and other.

There is a growing number of peers on Prevail’s program who are hoping to also gain valuable experience with the thought of going deeper into the healthcare field. Thanks to this interest, Prevail launched an internship program where students can complete service-learning, practicum, and other requirements.

With various levels of interactions, some Users take on the role of a mentor for others as they progress throughout the program just as a mentor interacts as a helpful guide in the offline world.

So much of overcoming different mental health conditions is the direct result of the relationship that is formed creating a sense of mutual responsibility. The involvement of a peer that is checking in from time to time also helps to ensure that Users are tracking towards progress to living a better, happier, and healthier life.

Interested in becoming one of the Prevail Peers and taking the 500 to 5000? Become a Prevail Peers today!

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