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Prevail Health, Are You Bragging?

June 22, 2014

“Oh no, not another blog about mental health and helping others” said no one. But on the off chance you arrived here and had that ridiculous thought, now would be a good time to use the back button on your browser.

That’s just a friendly suggestion, but we at iPrevail are deeply committed to exploring and attempting to solve the issues surrounding mental health in the US. These include things like barriers in access to care such as geographic location, financial resources, and the nefarious entity known as stigma. We think that the current system isn’t necessarily functioning as efficiently as it could be, and not everyone has the same access to these resources. Basically, we believe that people should have access to mental health care—when they need it, and not have to navigate through an obstacle course more complex than Tough Mudder to find it.

So what is iPrevail’s role in all of this? We have created an innovative online cognitive behavioral therapy intervention designed to be engaging and tailored on the individual level. We did this by working with the National Science Foundation and putting in years of research and testing dedicated to finding a more on demand solution that circumvents so many of the barriers that often hold people back from receiving treatment. Oh, and another small but mildly important detail, is that they actually work! We’ve conducted multiple clinical trials on our model at Rush University Medical Center and they found our online CBT intervention reduced symptoms with equivalent efficacy as face to face therapy. That’s a pretty big deal, considering our program is free! Our programs currently focus on depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, but we are constantly seeking to expand these in order to reach more individuals. Something else that is important to us is tailoring our programs to niche populations that have their own unique needs. And because of this, we have programs for populations such as Veterans, Moms, and Students.

The main purpose of this blog, isn’t for shameless self-promotion (though if people find out about us through our blog, we think that’s great too!) but rather to write about mental health topics that you care about. Including what is happening in the field of mental health, innovations, and changes— either good or bad. We also want to be a source of useful information for those struggling with mental illness or those who maybe have a friend or family member that they’d like to support. We think education is a key component in a lot of the current problems surrounding the mental health care system in the US, and so we want to do our part to contribute.

We welcome feedback, comments, and suggestions for future blog posts. Feel free to leave those right here or you can find us on Facebook or Twitter and share your opinions that way. Whatever the reason you found us, we’re glad you’re here.

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