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Positive Outlook: Good for you and your Health

March 28, 2017

Now there is beginning to have more research supporting the simple idea that an optimistic perspective and positive outlook will actually improve health.

positive outlook helps improve health

The famous Zig Ziglar said that a positive attitude won’t allow you to do anything, but it will allow you to do everything better than a negative attitude.

How is this possible?

There is a strong connection between the body and the mind. If the mind is healthy and happy, then the body also can be healthy. Similarly, if the body is exercising, eating well, and getting enough sleep, then the mind also has the chance to be happy and healthy.

A recent New York Times article by Jane Brody said “there is no longer any doubt that what happens in the brain influences what happens in the body.”

Research shows that by simply having a positive outlook can help to reduce the risk of various chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and others.

There are some basic strategies to have a more positive outlook, and one of the most trusted ways is through the proven teachings from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT helps to create a deeper understanding between your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

Ziglar also frequently said whatever we put into our mind impacts who and how we are. We have choices every day regarding who we interact with, what books we read, and what Netflix documentary to watch. The easy choice of picking happier, more uplifting pieces goes a long way to creating a more wholesome life.

positive outlook improves health and happiness

What Research Proves a Positive Outlook Helps?

Research has been completed by a professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Judith T. Moskowitz, that found people infected with a virus were less likely to need antidepressants to help them cope with the illness if they practiced the skills of a positive outlook.

From the abstract of Dr. Moskowitz’ randomized control trial, “increasing evidence suggests that positive affect plays an important role in adaptation to chronic illness.”

Some of the teachings from Dr. Moskowitz’ work is like the teachings of CBT:

  1. Note a positive event in your life
  2. Express gratitude
  3. Plan out goals that you can achieve and make progress towards them
  4. Practice acts of kindness
  5. Focus on the present moment- not yesterday or tomorrow


Does having a positive attitude really have an impact?

One of the participants in the study says, “it made me more positive, more compassionate, and I’m now healthier than I’ve ever been.”

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