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February 29, 2016

As the former Executive Director for the Office of Clinical Affairs at the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, I have a deep knowledge and understanding of the insurance marketplace. There is immense change taking place. Of course with this change comes a unique opportunity for those who want to become involved and make a difference.

Over the last year, I have been volunteering my time, expertise, and knowledge as a Mentor for Chicago Innovation Mentors. CIM is a group of experienced individuals coming together as teams to “create stronger entrepreneurs, encourage risk taking, and encourage innovation” among a host of other goals. With CIM, I became connected to the talented team at Prevail Health led by Founder and CEO Richard Gengler. I was impressed with the drive, resilience, and sheer passion this team is taking coupled with their double bottom line truly making a positive societal as well as economic impact on the healthcare community.

The interactions with the team have been fun, exciting, and energizing. Even as my other personal and business interests take time, I still manage to offer high-level strategic advice, ideas, and support execution. Our interactions have been mutually beneficial allowing me the chance to reconnect with old friends and colleagues with whom I have not spoken to in some time. It also provides a chance to be on the forefront of the intersection of health and technology, learning, and defining the future of healthcare.

Things sometimes take time in healthcare, however Prevail is on the cusp of extremely exciting developments that have been in line for months. Soon, many people who desperately need greater access to behavioral health treatment will have such needed access. Soon, many payers desperately needing solutions to comply with recent regulations to increase access to care will have solutions to contain costs.

I look forward to seeing other talented friends participate in similar programs, reconnecting with more relations, and seeing more payers innovate. Want to become involved?

Written by: Toni Mills Principal at TK2M Healthcare Consulting

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