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How is Your Health? Find out With a Health Quiz

March 17, 2017

Health Quiz Allows You to Live a Better, Happier, and Healthier Life Just like when in school a quiz allows insight into how you are progressing, a health quiz does the same for your overall heath. What is the quickest, easiest way to know your current health status especially without dealing with the annoyance of scheduling a doctor’s office? It all starts with a health quiz.

Now there is a quick, fast, and easy way to know more about your health simply by taking a health quiz available at iPrevail. The health quiz is between 25 and 30 questions long that asks both clinical as well as demographic questions to build a profile on who you are, and where you are at in life.

Some of the questions used are traditional clinical questions that a doctor might ask you if you were to go see the doctor face to face.

Once the questions are completed, the system gives you a summary report of how you scored on the various measures, and if there are any opportunities to improve certain situations to live a better, happier, and healthier life.

If you feel that some of the questions might have been answered wrong, or that some of the assessment isn’t exactly accurate there are opportunities to go back and reassess the situation, or also to go back and adjust the results to ensure it is most accurate to how you are currently doing.

After looking over the results of the health quiz, and upon agreeing that the results are accurate, there is an opportunity to generate a program that is tailored specifically to you as an individual. The program generated will feel as though it was made specifically for you.

How is this possible?

The initial technology that is the backbone of the content management system was built in partnership with the National Science Foundation, which enables a truly personalized, dynamic experience. Throughout the program experience, the technology teaches one of the most proven methods of behavior change known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) through a variety of tasks that can be completed to earn points.

The points are an important incentive that helps you to keep going. Now you see gyms starting to offer more perks? Well, the same idea is the same with this model. The more points that you earn allows you to eventually redeem for gift cards at places like Amazon, or sometimes the chance to donate it back to the community, or to nonprofits.

This powerful behavioral change model will allow you to have a better understanding of the connection between your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. Through use of the program, you will notice significant improvements to your daily life, a better perspective enabling a brighter future.

What are you waiting for? Take a health quiz – start now!

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