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July 9, 2015

It can be difficult to navigate the “interwebs” for the best information on health and fitness. Which information is right? Which exercises are best? What diet should I follow? Fitness and physical health are essential ingredients for mental health and well-being. We have selected six engaging health and fitness blogs that are written by people who have the same questions you do and have done the work necessary to find useful answers! Check them out!


Born Fitness
Author, Adam Bornstein’s posts seek to transform your body and help you live the life you want. Bornstein’s blog focuses on silencing the noise in the fitness industry. You have lots of questions and there are too many answers. Bornstein works to simplify the process and tell you what you really need to know; to filter out the crap and help you make sense of your body. The blog provides great information and tips from how to exercise more effectively, to the foods that will really help you lose weight, and even making sense of the latest health headlines.

Lift Like a Girl
Lifting Like a Girl means becoming the most awesome and strongest version of yourself. Blog content focuses on getting maximum results with minimum workouts; ditching diets and breaking free from obsessive eating habits for good; regaining your sanity from all of the conflicting information; loving your body not just for how it looks, but for what it CAN DO; and looking absolutely awesome and doing it without revolving your life around food and working out. Posts include information on strength training and nutrition to build a better body in a “no-nonsense, BS-free way.”

Nerd Fitness
If you are a nerd wondering what Star Wars and Star Trek have to do with weight loss and exercise science, Nerd Fitness is the blog for you! Author, Steve Kamb utilizes a down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to building muscle, “trying smarter,” and putting fitness first. This blog delivers practical exercise and nutrition knowledge to help you build your fitness level and capabilities.

Healthy Eating

Choosing Raw
Whether you want to get inspired about raw and vegan food, to feel healthier, or to find a supportive community in which you can openly share your thoughts about food, Choosing Raw is a great blog to visit. Author, Gena’s blog posts focus on health and a profound love and appreciation of food, as well as disordered eating, plant based diet, and the intersection of the two.

Running on Real Food
Author, Deryn’s posts focus on her experiences in healthy eating and fitness, and to motivate and inspire a healthy lifestyle in others. Delicious, healthy recipes such as raw banana bread balls, salted caramel tahini cups, no-bake pumpkin pie tarts, and others, provide workout fuel for those interested in getting fit. Deryn is an experienced triathlete and certified trainer and her blog posts provide information on nutritionally dense foods and fitness in a way that others can relate to. She is not “preachy,” and maintains that there is no right or wrong way to eat healthy.

Deliciously Ella
The author started the blog as a way of dealing with a relatively rare illness, Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, which impacted her life in numerous negative ways. She “couldn’t walk down the street, slept for 16 hours a day, had never ending heart palpitations, was in chronic pain, had unbearable stomach issues, constant headaches and the list goes on.” When conventional medicine failed to provide relief, the author took up a whole foods, plant-based diet and gave up all meat, dairy, sugar, gluten, anything processed and all chemicals and additives. The blog’s content is focused on the author’s learning and healing process, and includes healthy recipes that make a whole foods diet easier to imagine.

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