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Creatives in Mental Health

April 19, 2017

With the influx of new digital technologies and more people using the internet daily, creatives who possess superior usability skills are in hot demand. So, the question is certainly valid: what is creative mental health, and why on earth would a talented creative want to work in mental health?

One way to look at creative mental health:

“Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere.” Albert Einstein

The internet poses an entirely new opportunity to innovate in a field that has not seen innovation in nearly 30 years. One of the largest challenges facing mental health in general is the inability for people to access the care that they have a need for.

How many people would be using iPhones if it weren’t for the wonderful design and creativity ingrained into the product by Jonathan Ive? Nearly 5,000 patents later, iPhones are ubiquitous. Why not take this same motivation and apply it to the mental health space?

The traditional methods for interacting with others through landlines or the initial cellphones did not work – innovation had to take over to take mobile communication to the next level. Then, it spread like wildfire.

Similarly, traditional mental health care & treatment is falling short: there is a shortage of over 20,000 licensed behavioral health clinicians in America alone with over half of counties not even having a licensed behavioral health clinician.


As Prevail grows, we’ve recently brought on a creative to help steer the company in the right direction from both a branding and usability stand point.

A creative can view things from a unique perspective and help bring light to new  opportunities that might not be seen otherwise. A creative makes significant impact on mental health in many areas, starting with the user in mind.

User experience

It wasn’t like Prevail was starting from scratch where we had to completely guess what users wanted or desired more of – the program is already touching tens of thousands of people helping them to live quantifiably better, happier, and healthier lives each day.

These users help our creative to dive into the details of the data they are producing to iteratively produce a better user experience, which in turn leads to more users sharing this positive experience with others.

Users enjoy Prevail’s program so much that 94% would recommend it to their friends.

94 percent of Prevail's Users recommend it to their friends creative mental healthWant to join our growing creative team?

Are you creative, do you care about mental health, and do you want to help change the face of an area in need? Consider checking out the Prevail careers page to see if there are any current openings. If not, check back often!

Not interested in a job and would rather dive deep into being a part of the growing, supportive community? Check out iPrevail today!

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