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Connection Between Physical and Mental Health

June 23, 2016


How strong is the correlation between body and mind? Research from Rush University Medical Center Director of Behavioral Health, Dr. Stevan Hobfoll, indicates that there is a strong association.

While examining a ‘gold standard’ randomized controlled trial completed on Prevail’s personalized and interactive digital behavioral health solution, Hobfoll and colleagues also examined the connection to physical health impairment. The conclusion was that Prevail’s clinically proven and low-cost digital behavioral health treatment is associated with significant reductions in perceived physical health impairment. This relationship was facilitated by the symptom level reductions of both PTSD and depression through the use of Prevail’s technology.

The clinical trial results were published in a top-tier journal, the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, showing that Prevail’s technology provides roughly equivalent behavioral health treatment as compared to traditional face-to-face for 1/30th the cost.

An additional finding from the research, is that the improved health from reductions of mental health conditions also creates a bidirectional relationship with physical health. As the mental health of an individual improves the physical health improves. As the physical health of an individual improves the mental health improves. The perceived physical impairment was evaluated by the RAND 12-item Health Survey, VR-12. The survey is generally used to measure quality of life and items correspond to eight principal health domains highlighted in the figure.

What do you think about offering a low-cost, clinically proven solution to your population to help them to have both improved mental and physical health? In the end, this creates a healthier individual, and healthier population. Want to find out more how Prevail can help?

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