Information Security Manager

Engineering - Chicago, IL

IT/ Security Manager, Compliance Officer

Prevail Health, a digital health Tech Company, is looking for an Information Security Manager to manage our IT Network and Security issues within the company. This will be a true ‘stretch role’, and as such, the right candidate will be extremely smart, self-motivated and ready for a challenge.  For someone who is willing to work hard and learn, this presents an opportunity to gain a very valuable, and marketable, skillset.
We are in a time of growth and our customers have high demand for a safe and secure corporate IT infrastructure.

As the Information Security Manager, you will:
* Be the sole point of contact for all data security issues within the company.
* Get your hands dirty- this is a hands on position!  You will be required to implement the new policies, procedures you help create.
* Ensure our Office 365 productivity suite complies with strict security requirements required by HIPAA and HITRUST
* Configure and deploy security settings such as conditional access using Mobile Device Management and Azure Active Directory for Windows and MacOS.
* Set up and maintaine an active VPN server for remote access.
* Document corporate IT policies to ensure HIPAA and HITRUST compliance throughout the company.
* Remediate any outstanding security concerns presented by the HITRUST framework in a timely manner
You should get in touch if you:
* Are willing to work hard.  This position brings unique and exciting challenges, and will be a tremendous stepping stone for the right candidate, but it will come with long hours and hard work.  If you are looking to troubleshoot minor computer issues all day in a help desk type setting, this is not the job for you
* Have a bachelor’s degree in IT or related field
* Are comfortable with understanding the unique needs of a corporate IT, data and security infrastructure
* Have 2+ years of experience, preferably in fast-paced, challenging environments
* Are able to ensure HIPAA and HITRUST compliance in the demanding health sphere
* Deeply care for and want to make a positive impact in the mental health arena
* Are a tinkerer, always iterating and improving upon technology and processes


About Prevail Health:

Prevail is solving a problem that is affecting the lives of thousands. We all have a friend, neighbor, relative, or colleague who has experienced a mental health condition. Most people – over half in America – do nothing about it. Thanks to technology we make the care more accessible and affordable. With actual clinical trials and national pilots under our belt, along with national delivery to the largest integrated health system, in addition to a signed pilot with the nation’s largest insurer, Prevail is the spot to be! Join a passionate team motivating each other to take the next jump!

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to