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Sunshine and Beach: Just What the Doctor Ordered for Mental Health

“All of us have in our veins the exact same ...

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Costliest Medical Condition in America

The Crisis With spending at over $201 billion i...

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Strangers Are Solving The Mental Health Crisis

The Crisis In America, 1 in 5 adults will exper...

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certified trained peer specialist

6 Benefits of Being a Trained Peer Specialist

  What happens when you are talking to som...

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behavioral health

3 Reasons for Integrated Healthcare

3 Reasons for Integrated Healthcare With more res...

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State Mental Health

State by State Mental Health With behavioral heal...

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8 Reasons This Mental Health Awareness Month Will Be Like One Never Again

Here are 8 reasons why this mental health awarenes...

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Medicaid and Mental Health

Currently, the majority of dollars spent on mental...

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