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Stopping the Stigma

We are happy to sit down with Nikki from Stopping ...

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What does LeBron Say about Mental Resilience?

  Likely soon after LeBron finished th...

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behavioral health

The Best Brain Possible

Prevail was lucky enough to connect with none ot...

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Boarding in the Emergency Room

More than 80 percent of Emergency Room doctors...

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Connection Between Physical and Mental Health

How strong is the correlation between body and...

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finding a therapist


Difficulty Finding the right Therapist? You are not alone.

Estimates put the lack of licensed behavioral ...

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Building Better Government: Evidence-based health solutions

  Prevail is honored to be recognized by t...

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Veteran Transition Program


What These Veterans Are Doing Will Shock You

Learn about a new approach that is helping tens of...

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Depression: Worsens COPD

The conditions of chronic diseases are exacerb...

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