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Economics of Mental Health


$2.5 Billion a Day?

Each day there is $2.5 billion in spending taking ...

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Mental Health Care in America: A Shakespearean Tragedy?

According to NIMH, approximately 16 million adults...

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behavioral health

New Technology Helping Service Learning Help Communities

Cutting edge technology is enabling colleges t...

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8 Things You Should Do to Take Care of Your Mental Health

  According to the National Alliance on Me...

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Early Intervention in Mental Health

There is a growing shift to put more emphasis ...

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behavioral health

Paradigm Shift in Mental Health

  Leaders around the world are recogni...

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Users help other Users Overcome their Mental Health Challenges!

A new crowdsourced strategy for stemming the t...

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helping others

Shocking Way to Help Others

Now there is a shocking way to help others ...

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5 Ways to Make Reintegration Easier

  For many of our Veterans coming back fro...

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