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depression screenings are too low


Depression Screening Rates Too Low

  Depression screening rates remain extrem...

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Mental health journey take a quiz today

health assessment

How is Your Health? Find out With a Health Quiz

Just like when in school a quiz allows insight in...

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Mental health blog

behavioral health

Trump Supports Mental Health

Look to the person to the left of you, and now loo...

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Mental Health is Wealth


Health Enables Wealth

What do you think when you look at your paycheck a...

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Investing in mental health is a win-win

With the ever-increasing stress levels that ar...

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Innovative Program a Game Changer in Mental Health Treatment

Mental health issues effect a multitude of Ame...

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Powerful mind


Your Mind is Most Powerful

The mind is the most powerful part of the body. An...

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Creative mental health


Adding Creativity to the Mind

Thinking of the best spot to utilize your creative...

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Health Technology


Technology Overcomes Access Issues to Care

Even with the expansion of the Affordable Care Act...

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