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behavioral health

Improving Individual Insurance

Financial analysis released last Friday revealed i...

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trained peer specialist support online therapy

mental health

Online Therapy Paradigm Shift

Online therapy is needed to address the overwhelmi...

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mindfulness helps PTSD


Mindfulness Helps PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is something...

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Mental Health Pollution

  Mental health is strongly impacted by po...

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exercise helps the brain


Exercise may help your brain grow Stronger

There is beginning to be a greater understanding o...

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positive outlook improves health and happiness


Positive Outlook: Good for you and your Health

Now there is beginning to have more research suppo...

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mental health doctor shortage

behavioral health

Doctor Shortage: Mental Health

An estimated deficit of over 20,000 licensed behav...

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online vets

chat online

Online Vets: Talk to a Veteran

There is now a spot for Veterans to connect with o...

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emergency department superutilizers and mental health

agency for healthcare research and quality

Emergency Department Visits and Superutilizers

  Superutilizers made up nearly one quarte...

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