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Adding Creativity to the Mind

November 11, 2016

Thinking of the best spot to utilize your creative juices?

Have an urge to harness your experiences building great products for users, a passion for creating products that help make the lives of people better, and a desire to join a team of other like-minded people who want to completely change the future of healthcare?

Welcome to Prevail.

There is a chance to join the team as a Creative who will be one of the first Creatives, eventually building out your very own Creative team.

This individual will lead all the design, user experience, and anything else related to creativity or design in the organization. The team is a growing organization and the role will take on a leadership role from the very beginning.

Want to be the voice who voices ideas about the usability? Want to be the voice in the room that starts to voice ideas on new features that will make the program better? Want to be the one who hacks out a quick mockup so that the talented development team can take it to the next level and build it quickly as possible?

This is all possible at Prevail.

Want to be constantly challenged, pushed, and learning at quickening speeds?

The organization was started over 7 years ago by a former Navy F-18 pilot, Rich Gengler. Unlike most things in the American healthcare system, Prevail moves at the speed of jets. With rapid development cycles coupled with agile methodology, the team moves ahead making decisions based on data from the thousands of users that use the page each day to live better, healthier, happier lives.

Want to make sure your job is more than just a job?

Prevail is a spot that embodies social entrepreneurship: the organization was built with an initial focus on the Veteran population where there is an enormous amount of attention, need, and resources. The organization partnered with the National Science Foundation to build and validate a behavioral health technology that is just as effective as seeing a doctor face-to-face—however for a fraction of the cost.

What’s more, the program is extremely fun, engaging, and the whole thing is gamified that drives ongoing engagement.

The potential opportunity for a passionate, talented, and scrappy Creative is something that is not able to be found anywhere else. Prevail has the strong foundation of working with some of the largest organizations in healthcare, while at the same time the passion, drive, and opportunity of a startup.

This is a startup that is in the hottest, fastest growing space in the American economy, healthcare, and even more specifically the fastest growing area inside of that, behavioral healthcare.

Do you know of a talented Creative who would be a great addition to the team before it catapults into hyper growth mode? Now is the time to join Prevail while still can be the ground level and join in the glory, benefits, and satisfaction as the organization scales to the next level.

Interested people please send information to and visit for more information.

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