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A Place Where Men Can Go For Emotional Support

September 15, 2015

In Colorado, the population with the highest number of annual deaths by suicide is working age males between the ages of 25-54 years old. Ironically, this is also the population that is least likely to receive resources, help, or support for mental health issues. The men in this population tend to bottle their emotions and not seek professional help. The stigma that men face, keeps them from seeking help because they fear being considered weak or unmanly. Mantherapy is an option that provides much needed resources and lowers the rate of men lost to suicide.

Mantherapy offers a new and highly innovative approach to suicide prevention in working-aged men, helping men deal with mental health and emotional issues in a revolutionary, effective way. The website and resources available are designed to help men understand the myths about manliness, mental health, and emotional problems, and to offer the assistance and support needed to overcome things like anger, depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Man Therapy is not restricted to males. There are also links, resources, and information available for those who are worried about a man in their life.

The Mantherapy website, resources, and tools were developed as part of an effort by multiple agencies in order to address the high suicide rate of working age men. Man Therapy was designed and implemented by Dr. Rich Mahogany, in collaboration with the Carson J Spencer Foundation and the Colorado Office of Suicide Prevention. The program helps explain mental illness and suicide, correct any misconception, and offer the help and support that men in this age group need. An 18-point head inspection allows men and those who care about them to evaluate the need for mental health support and treatment. Man Therapy may revolutionize the way that working age men seek help for emotional and mental health problems. Initial results from the program have been very promising so far.

If you are a man, and are seeking a compassionate network in which to discuss mental health issues, check out our free chat page here.

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