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8 Things You Should Do to Take Care of Your Mental Health

August 16, 2016


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJoAAAAJDk4Zjc5ZmQ0LWFjZjUtNDA2OC1hZmM0LWFlOWRiYjI0MjdkMg (1)According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, roughly one out of five Americans are battling a mental health condition. In a world that is increasingly focused on health, it is often times hard to start discussing the different elements related to our mental health. Whenever someone has a cold, broken leg, or another physical ailment, it seems much easier.

This is slowly but surely changing as people start to realize that there is no health without mental health. A Cosmo Happy hour podcast by Elisa Benson is doing a lot to break down this stigma even further. Here are some of the strategies to battle mental health conditions:


  1. Each of us is different and we can each have different strategies for battling them. For some people, breathing in and out has a profound impact on their anxiety levels as well as their overall mental health. Often times what we think is actually what manifests into our life. The more positive thoughts we are having the more positive things will likely take place in our lives. Perception is reality.
  2. If you are battling a mental health condition, you are not an outcast. This is something very normal, and knowing that others are also battling similar issues makes it a little easier. There are roughly one out of five people battling them in a given year, and life is all about the ups and the downs. This ability to recognize that it is not a unique situation just to you helps to provide additional courage to fight harder to persevere.
  3. If you think you might have a condition, try to get some help. Taking that first step is often very difficult and challenging. The first step obviously is admitting that you are battling an issue. Even if you are not comfortable enough to admit this to friends, families, or loved, ones, there are anonymous opportunities where you can release your feelings and emotions that allow you to let them out. Just like with all problems, the sooner that you remedy it, the better. If you let some things go on too long, they will manifest into something much larger and greater than you could possibly have imagined.
  4. There is a difference between having a bad day and battling a mental health condition. Sure, we all experience good or bad days at work or with relationships, but battling a mental health condition is likely something much more extenuating and/or debilitating. As society changes and mental health becomes more widely accepted, it is becoming something more closely aligned to going to the gym—of course we can all go to the gym more, similarly, we can all better understand the connection between our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.
  5. Finding accessible care is challenging, but this is changing. Traditionally, the only spot to go to find out more about your situation was to a doctor. In places like America, there is an extreme shortage of psychiatrists and psychologists, making it even harder to go and receive traditional methods of care. Thankfully, there are waves of cutting edge technologies that have translated proven methods of care online in an accessible as well as affordable manner. Thanks to technology, care is now able to be provided on the palm of your hand anywhere you go and anywhere you need it. No longer are people required to wait in times of need weeks before they are able to see a doctor.
  6. Once you are able to battle through some of your own conditions, it helps a lot to help other relations who might also be battling an issue. This ultimately is creating a much stronger, more supportive community of people watching out for each other and being there in times of need. There is a lot of evidence highlighting the fact that the more you give back to others who are in need, it actually has a lot of benefit for you as well.
  7. Sometimes there is a way out of panic. These can come and go for us depending on our severity, but when experiencing a panic attack one of the best things to do is to try and take deep breaths. This can help to calm or relax you.
  8. Meditation can help! Ending on lucky 8, there is a lot of evidence showing that even small amounts of mindful practice can help you in a variety of areas. There are programs that are able to take the practice of meditation “off the cushion” so to speak and provide you with applicable as well as practical solutions that you can use on a daily basic. One such example of these is the burgeoning community at iPrevail.

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