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8 Reasons This Mental Health Awareness Month Will Be Like One Never Again

May 3, 2016

tumblr_nnt850yPgi1u9yt0oo1_500Here are 8 reasons why this mental health awareness month will be like one never again:


  1. Cultural acceptance: there is becoming more of an appreciation and acceptance that there is no health without mental health. Our minds are the most powerful part of health. Recent videos and links have gone viral detailing stories of people with a mental health condition to raise awareness on the issue. Universities are starting to have rallies and campaigns. Companies are starting to provide better support for their employees. The CEO of one of the largest insurers is promoting mindfulness meditation to his employees and touting its Return on Investment. The estimated 35 million Americans with a mental health condition who are not receiving any care for their treatment will no longer have to suffer in silence.
  2. Accessibility: thanks to the progress made around cultural acceptance coupled with the advent of health technology, there are more options than ever to receive clinically proven behavioral health treatment in the palm of your hand. At any time. Anywhere. Forget the days when you had to wait weeks to even have an initial appointment.
  3. Data drives discovery: with increased usage of health technologies and other recent research publications, there are becoming more discoveries around the mind. It is one of the most complex parts of our body and yet we still know very little about it. Taking data one step further and being able to intuitively know, anticipate, and remedy situations before they arise will become more common. Data visualizations will create images that allow both the individual and/or the doctor to have more insight. Pretty soon, there will in essence no longer be visits to the doctor with unclear outcomes.
  4. Clinical progress: data enables discoveries which ultimately leads to better treatment. Of course better treatment leads to better clinical progress. People who have been suffering will be able to have different tools or solutions to support them towards recovery. The key to clinical progress is to provide a truly personalized treatment or experience. There will no longer be cookie cutter approaches to dealing with a condition.
  5. Integration: mental health is becoming fully integrated into overall healthcare. The trend not only makes sense clinically, but also has quite dramatic economic implications with potential savings in the tens or even hundreds of billions nationwide. The Primary Care Physician will no longer be the first and last spot along the journey of attempted behavioral health treatment.
  6. A Community is here: a group of people who have experienced or are currently experiencing a mental health condition are just a click away. Sometimes trying to explain your thoughts, feelings, or emotions is difficult. If the person you are explaining these things to has never experienced similar issues it only makes the situation harder. No longer will people feel abandoned or in a situation where nobody understands them. An empathetic, engaging, and encouraging community is here.
  7. Warriors to Winners: going off to serve your country in time of war can be one of the most traumatic experiences that someone has to live with during their whole life. Throughout history it has always been a challenge for these warriors to return to everyday civilian life. With so many experiences that one can only fathom, it has caused challenging situations. Thanks to innovative new approaches and the support of the Veterans Administration, Veterans are increasingly able to succeed in their transition from a warrior to a winner.
  8. Return on Investment: there are plenty of reasons why creating action around behavioral health is important socially. Now there are salient reasons why it economically makes sense to take action around behavioral health as well. A recent global report by the WHO revealed significant ROI by providing behavioral health treatment. If the treatment consists of digital behavioral health treatment that is equally as effective for a fraction of the cost then the ROI will only be multiplied. Where there is a significant ROI there are passionate entrepreneurs that will innovate to spark change. There will no longer be an excuse to not deal with mental health.


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