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75 Reasons to Tackle Your Issues

March 13, 2016

Did you ever think that by tackling some of your hardest, most personal issues you could win gift cards? Cari Kreger returned home after serving her country in Afghanistan and realized she had changed dramatically. One day she was alerted of the opportunity for online free online help for Veterans suffering from depression. Thankfully she found out more and through the program found out she was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Kreger said through her interactions with the program, she started to understand how her current issues were affecting her life. This same model has helped tens of thousands of Vets in their re-adjustment. There are 75 reasons – the ability to earn up to 75 dollars in gift cards – that you should try VetsPrevail.

Tired of all the bad outcomes that have happened in the past, the VA has decided to try something new and innovative. Meet VetsPrevail. Under the Vets Prevail’s proven model, Veterans earn rewards for all the hard work of going through the program and dealing with challenges. Prevail is a clinically proven mental health prevention and management platform easily accessible for anyone with Internet or smart phone connection. Prevail provides individualized one-on-one support, training, and resources for those living with depression, anxiety, and other life challenges, in the most convenient and private setting.  By joining the community, those with disorders will be able to interact with a group who share similar experiences, and Prevail!

Richard Gengler, Prevail’s CEO, served our country as a Navy F-18 pilot. Upon returning home and while finishing his MBA at The University of Chicago, he realized an enormous opportunity to utilize technology to disrupt mental health and founded Prevail. Prevail is a unique social entrepreneurship model that started from a collaboration with the National Science Foundation through the prestigious Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.  After successfully completing all three phases of the SBIR award over a period of several years, Prevail was eventually named a SBIR Success Story. Thanks to the niche market approach of building and validating the model in the military, Prevail has also been able to garner the support of key foundations and partnerships from early on, including the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, the McCormick Foundation, the RobinHood Foundation, Goldman Sachs Gives, and the Veterans Health Administration.

Prevail has also achieved rigorous clinical validation of the program.  This started with a Phase 1 Clinical trial that was published in the VA’s journal. Based on that success Prevail partnered with the VA to complete a national rollout of the program to prove the technology could engage Veterans at scale. This went very well, which ultimately lead to a Phase 2 Randomized Clinical Trial. The findings of this ‘gold standard’ RCT were outstanding, and were published in a top tier journal in the summer of 2015, the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Based on the strength of these findings as well as the numerous pilots leading up the clinical trial, the VA partnered with Prevail through a national contract to deliver to the program to Veterans nationwide moving forward. Prevail has been delivering on this partnership for over two years.

Want to learn more?  Try Vets Prevail here.

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