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6 Benefits of Being a Trained Peer Specialist

May 13, 2016


What happens when you are talking to someone and they experienced something somewhat similar? What is the feeling you receive when someone is truly, actively listening to your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions? What happens to the person doing the active listening, trying to come up with solutions, brainstorm, or simply just listen? Meet a Trained Peer Specialist.

Peer_Training_right (1)All of these all pointing to a win-win situation where someone who went through both Prevail’s clinically-proven treatment as well as its robust training program to graduate and become a Trained Peer Specialist. There are many benefits of connecting for an online counseling chat with a Trained Peer Specialist.


  1. Empathy: instead of showing sympathy, empathy takes it to the next level where the listener can identify with the situation, know some of what you are going through, and provide helpful ideas or responses to remedy or alleviate the situation.
  2. Anonymous: you can log on whether that is through your iPhone, Android, or on your computer, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to chat anonymously with a Trained Peer Specialist. Sometimes it is hard to reveal some of your most inner thoughts, behaviors, or emotions. Sometimes you might not want to ‘burden’ your family or other close friends with some smaller situations. Sometimes it just is a relieving feeling to be anonymous to have the opportunity to totally reveal yourself and be who you are.
  3. Flexibility: Prevail calls it Anywhere Based Care. No longer will you have to book a doctor’s appointment and wait a few weeks before you are able to see someone. No longer will you have to reach out to your friends when they are in the middle of something, but you have an urgent matter. No longer will you have to wait for your close friend who you trust with your most important issues when she is free a week from Tuesday. What is better than the ability to connect to a Trained Peer Specialist anywhere and anytime?
  4. First-step: often times the first step is the hardest whether that is admitting a problem or going after to find some solutions to a problem. Chatting with a Trained Peer Specialist allows for an extremely easy first step to start down the road.
  5. Clinically-proven: Prevail’s program has gone through multiple clinical trials including the last one being a ‘gold standard’ randomized controlled trial that showed equal benefit as seeing a doctor face-to-face. Chatting with a Trained Peer Specialist is one of the elements creating the foundation of the program. Once people are able to be chatting with a Trained Peer Specialist the next step is to enroll in fun, engaging, and clinically-proven programs.
  6. Giveback: some of the best things in life are when you are able to give something and not expect anything in return. Giving in terms of listening to someone in need is an extremely gratifying feeling. The longer one lives in life, and the wiser she is, realizes that the more you give the more you get.

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