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5 Signs You May Have Bipolar Disorder

July 20, 2015

We all have good moods and bad moods. Some days you may feel great, have excessive energy, and be extremely optimistic. Other days you may feel less than energetic and struggle with feelings of sadness or emptiness. Could you have bipolar disorder, previously called manic depression? Life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows, and we all have mood swings at times. If you have bipolar disorder you may require depression help, counseling chat, anxiety support, and other types of mental health assistance.

5 signs that you may have bipolar disorder:

1. Periods of High Energy and Incredibly Good Moods

If there are extended times when you have a lot of energy, you are always in a good mood, you are irritable and distracted, or you have racing thoughts and tend to use poor judgment you may be suffering from mania.

2. Severe Mood Swings

If you have bipolar disorder then you may have severe mood swings which are excessive and extreme. Your highs are very high, and your lows are far lower than what is typical. Something small and minor can make you giddy with joy or crush you emotionally during these extreme periods.

3. Sleep Pattern and Energy Changes

Do you find yourself needing a lot more or less sleep than usual? Do you have times when you wake exhausted, and others when you feel recharged after very little sleep? These can indicate a need for mental health assistance and bipolar disorder treatment.

4. Frequent Sad, Low, or Empty Feelings

Do you go for a week or more feeling empty or sad for no reason? Depression is one component of bipolar disorder. If you feel this way why not trying an emotional chat support and get personalized advice? Our Peer Coaches at iPrevail are highly trained volunteers who want to help and give back to the community.

5. Risk Taking

Are there times when you engage in risk taking behaviors? Many individuals with this condition engage in risks without thinking about the consequences. Do you do things that you would not normally do?

Do you have any of these signs of bipolar disorder? Have you tried a counseling chat or other forms of mental health assistance? Which ones? Prevail Health Solutions has a low-cost online mental health program where you can talk to trained peer coaches. Check it out at

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