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30 Days Into 2018!

January 30, 2018

Here we are, 30 days into 2018! By this point, over half of us have succumbed to old patterns. Its not too late though! One set back does not mean we have failed for this year. It’s never too late to try again. So for those of you looking to get back on track, try again, and even those who feel distractions are starting to creep in, these resources will keep you focused on #NewYearNewMe.

If you’re a little late to this “Resolution” thing or ready to try again, check out these tips.

  • What Should your resolutions focus on? Self-care requires care for all aspects of your health, immediate and long-term. Remember – self care is never selfish. You can’t serve from an empty vessel!
  • Some resolutions to explore your creative side! Try that new recipe. Take a picture everyday. Take a class. Write your memoir. The possibilities are endless!
  • Excited to begin? Wait till Thursday, so you can give it your all. (We know – we thought it would be Monday too but nope!)
  • While technically the holidays have been over for nearly a month now, most of us are still getting back into the swing of things. There are still a few “I was out of the office” or “Getting back on track after the holidays” emails going around but come February those will be rare.
  • Beware of Achilles’ heel! These six mistakes are fairly common but can set you back.

Still committed? Keep it up!!!

  • Here’s how to put that gym membership to good use. We’ve all seen the pictures of the gym packed on January 1st. Every machine is occupied and the everyone sure that this is going to be their year. Unfortunately, by this time, the gyms have emptied out and you have you pick of machines. You can still make this YOUR YEAR!
  • Eating healthy goes hand in hand with that gym membership. We know it’s easy to pick up something or order take out, but cooking up some healthy eating habits can be easy too. Here are some clear, concise “eating healthy” goals you can actually keep!
  • Getting back to work and the routine after the holidays isn’t always easy. Trying to say focused can be even harder at times. Look at these tips to set yourself up for success this year!
  • Lets be honest – nobody loves winter. We all like the snow, the holidays, the décor, and such. However, walking through slush or braving the below zero temperatures isn’t at the top of anyone’s list. Don’t worry though! Here are some tips and tricks to carry you through till spring.

Self-care can seem daunting, especially with only 24 hours in a day! Remember to pick a few goals to work on, make them specific, and keep the steps small and simple. Don’t forget to celebrate the small victories! You’ve made it these 4 weeks? Congratulations! You’re starting over on Thursday? We love that determination!

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